Kgalagadi Sand Building Block/Brick (KSBB) Technology

With Kgalagadi sand covering up to 75% of Botswana,  the sand is a very abundant resource in the country that has been demonstrated by BITRI Lead Researcher Building Materials – Dr Esau Masuku to have potential use in creating the built environment.  One of the goals of the Botswana Government is to sustainably improve the lives of all Batswana and with the high costs of construction materials, there is need to make use of the vast Kgalagadi Sand resource. The BITRI Building Materials Team is making use of a technology to develop the Kgalagadi Sand Building Blockand rolling out the less expensive but high quality product with much higher strength as a useful construction material.

Traditional Tswana Huts

KSBB House

Kgalagadi Sand Building Blocks

Kgalagadi Sand Building Brick