Research and Partnerships Department

The Research and Partnerships Division (R&PD) has responsibility for ensuring that BITRI Research policies and guidelines promote a high quality research environment and govern good research practice. R&PD supports BITRI researchers to obtain local and international partners, administer grants and contracts, manage the knowledge needs and assists with the technology transfer and commercialization of our technology solutions to our research and business partners. In addition, the division is also responsible for ensuring that BITRI’s brand is marketed and the excellent technology research and impact in society and the economy is communicated.

Research Management and Technology Transfer

The primary responsibility for this section is in the management of research at BITRI that is developing and implementing the research and innovation governance framework, driving organizational and cultural change in research and development, and ensuring awareness and adherence to all research and innovation policies, regulations and codes of ethics. In addition, they handle issues around the promotion of research and innovation and facilitation of the establishment of strategic partnerships with local and international stakeholders, funding in the core areas of BITRI research and the research capacity building programme to develop the next generation of BITRI researchers.   The second role is to assist with the commercialisation of the technology solutions by BITRI researchers co-created with our stakeholders to ensure that they get to the marketplace and to individuals and communities in Botswana and around the world—improving quality of life and creating prosperity. The focus here is on creating synergy among three critical areas necessary for improving the impact of BITRI technology research outcomes:

  • Attracting private support for research initiatives
  • Promoting and protecting intellectual property
  • Transitioning BITRI ideas and inventions into sustainable new businesses

Communications & Partnerships

Communications and Partnerships provides support to all divisions and is responsible for developing messages tailored for the internal and external stakeholders across a variety of communications and marketing platforms. The Division is responsible for the Implementation of Public Relations & Communications Strategy, Brand Management, Stakeholder Relationship Management, and Media Relations at BITRI.  The Division also ensures that there is an accurate and timely flow of information to its various stakeholders through a variety of activities and publications. The Communications Division also provides graphic design services to the organisation.

Knowledge Commons


The effective use of information is fundamental to research and development; the Knowledge Commons plays a central role in providing and availing timely, relevant, accurate, reliable information to BITRI Researchers. The KC offers services that are geared towards the promotion of knowledge creation and sharing. The following services are offered:

Intriguing Knowledge sharing space

KC space is created to be deliberately attractive and intriguing; its purpose is to provide a common neutral space for meetings and information sharing. The KC is open to BITRI staff members and their collaborators during working hours from 0800hrs – 1230hrs and 1345hrs – 1600hrs; we close during the weekend and on public holidays. Some of the services offered by the Knowledge Commons are:

Individual sitting area: provides a quite relaxing space for personalized research and reading without distractions.

Computer Island: Provision of wireless connection; allowing access to all the BITRI KC subscribed databases and the Internet.

Group discussion sitting area: The space is made in such a way that it allows for group discussions for knowledge transfer and sharing.

Conducive rooms for both training and meetings: There are two rooms that can either be used for meetings or training. One room can accommodate around 15 people. Bookings to make use of rooms is made through the KC staff members.

Refreshment, printing and photocopying corner: Like any other knowledge sharing space the KC has made a provision for a refreshment corner where users can have their hot beverages-coffee. Bar fridges are also provided for those individuals who would otherwise like to bring their beverages along. The provision of the printing and photocopying corner is also there for convenience

Events Hosting: Under this initiative, KC provide a user-friendly space to host different kinds of events such as discussions, presentations, seminars, workshops and social networking activities that promote  knowledge sharing and a cordial working environment.

Lending: Core users are afforded with an opportunity to have unlimited access (borrowing rights) to books –on- demand.

Inter library Loans: In collaboration with other stakeholders KC will provide ILL services to its users on unavailable items.

Selective dissemination of information: Information shared shall be targeted, this include information on funding opportunities.

Subscribed Online database training:  Training is periodically offered on all subscribed databases


Online Resources

Subscribed Databases:

American Chemical Society:

Science direct:


Research Africa:





Online Resources

Open Access Database:

Bio Med Central:


Sabinet Africa Journal Archive:

Sabinet Open Access Journal:

Directory of Open Access:



CSIR Research Space:




Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America (PNAS):

Wiley Open Access: