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Ephraim Gower, PhD – Electronic Systems Engineering, BEng Telecommunication Systems<span class='wpmtp-job-title'>Lead Researcher, Electronics and Communications </span>
: Gaborone (main office), Kanye (production works), Botswana: +267 3607515: egower@bitri.co.bw: www.bitri.co.bw: Electronic systems/circuits design, communication systems, mathematical optimization and analytics, multimedia systems, smart systems, Forensics, signal processing (Audio and Video).

    At BITRI, Dr Ephraim Gower supervises and works with a group of researchers to design, develop, produce, commercialize, and manage stakeholders in the predominant area of Electronics and Communication division. He is currently the Lead Researcher of this division (from 2018), having held the position of Senior Researcher in ICT (now IST), and in the Electronics and Communications division as well.

    Dr Gower graduated from University of Essex, UK with a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering (2006), followed by straight entry into a PhD in Electronics Systems Engineering, which he completed in 2009 at the age of 25.

    Dr Gower was a Senior Lecturer at UB and BIUST prior to joining BITRI in 2014. Ephraim is a recipient of several international awards, including three from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for best research outputs in UK and Ireland combined, as well as two from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for best postgraduate research contributions. He has published numerous papers in premier journals (IEEE, IET, AES) and has received three (3) best paper awards in Signal Processing, Audio, and Multimedia Forensics.

    While at the University of Essex, Dr Gower was part of the multimedia research team that focused on consultation works for British Telecommunications, Sony, and other reputable electronics and communications companies.

    Since joining BITRI (2014), he has worked on and completed many projects most of which have been successfully commercialized drawing multi-millions worth of funds, implemented nationwide, and drawing interest from international stakeholders. He is also principal in implementation of first electronic and communication production plant in Kanye and Gaborone to further promote and enable the economic viability of the highly lucrative field. He manages and has extensive experience in the entire product development and commercialization cycle including research, design, prototyping, roll-out, production line works, stakeholder management, marketing, among others.

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