Nanotechnology | Maranyane-a-Ditlhakana


Mr. Tebogo Mothelesi

Mr. Tebogo Mothelesi was announced as the winner of The BITRI Nanotechnology Challenge at the 7th BITRI Public Seminar on Thursday August 6, 2015. The Challenge called for participants to submit translations of nanotechnology in a Setswana word or phrase.

BITRI received over thirty submission sent by electronic mall and surface mail, from which a panel judges comprising a Linguist and Researchers judged the entries. Mr. Mothelesi submitted the best entry from which the panel consequently reordered the most relevant words that best captured the concept of nanotechnology. The word adopted as a Setswana translation of Nanotechnology is Maranyane-a-ditlhakana and will be officially adopted by BITRI and used on a nationwide campaign to educate the public on the science of nanotechnology. Mr. Mothelesi won himself a 10.1 inch tablet and other participants were given BITRI-branded golf shirts as consolation prizes.

Competition Closed

The BITRI Nanotechnology Challenge: Submit a translation of Nanotechnology into a Setswana word or phrase.
Ranolela lefoko nanotechnology mo Setswaneng.
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