SEDING Street Lighting


BITRI is engaged in a solar street light project called SEDING. The sites for the pilot phase of the project will be BERE and KHAWA in the Ghanzi and Southern Kgalagadi districts as part of the poverty eradication programme. The SEDING street lighting is solar powered and environmentally friendly, highly reliable, adaptable and robust and can be used in different environments such as parking lots, gardens, farms (masimo), cattleposts (meraka), playing fields, clinics, gathering places like the kgotla and in numerous other locations.

Research on wireless and security options is on-going as BITRI plans to widen the range of facilities available in the street light.

As part of the rollout of the light, the office of the president has contributed 2 million Pula towards the project. Work on this is expected to be completed in December and BITRI expects to launch the light thereafter.