Education / Learning

Since independence (1966), following many years of lack of education system in Botswana, Botswana as a country decided that education should be free for all from primary to tertiary education. Post independence therefore, saw an unprecedented numbers of young Batswana enrolling in schools. Although the education model was plausible and government was successful in reducing illiteracy amongst Batswana, the education system itself has not been without challenges which collectively have led to high failure rates.
• Low teacher-to-student ratios
• High levels of absenteeism among both students and teachers
• Lack of textbooks and other educational resources
• Low quality of education
• Limited access to educational resources and equity of learning especially for students in primary and secondary schools in rural and remote areas


To provide interactive mobile solutions:
• For access of general educational material by all primary and secondary school pupils
• Where pupils can test their knowledge against standard tutorial questions
• Where independent tutors can subscribe and interact with pupils anytime
• For access of practice past examination questions
• For youth national completions on education
• For pupils to interact amongst themselves