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Fiona Nermark is part of a team that is involved in liquefaction of coal by pyrolysis.She has an MSc in Analytical Chemistry with the thesis comprising Analytical/Physical Chemistry entitled “Bioremediation of copper and lead contaminated soil using Moringa oleifera seeds water extract and physicochemical studies of the seeds pure protein”. Fiona has worked as a […]

Mr. Magwaza is a Chemist by profession and works as a Associate Researcher in the department of Natural Resources and Materials. He is part of a team that is involved in Coal to Liquid (CTL) whereby coal is converted liquid, offering a range of important chemical products that are produced by liquefying coal. Prior to […]

Richard Makhura has a background in Analytical Chemistry and works as a Associate Researcher in Nanomaterials on the Coal to Liquid Technology project. The CTL project is intended to converts coal to fuels and the chemical analysis of samples from the coal pyrolysis pilot plant. Prior to joining BITRI, Richard worked as an Assistant Research […]

Dr Maitshwarelo Ignatius Matsheka is a Senior Researcher in the Nanomaterials division of BITRI, working in the area of diagnostics and water filtration technologies. Dr Matsheka has a PhD qualification in Medical Microbiology with specialization in Bacteriology. His specific area of expertise is the use of DNA based methods for the identification and typing of […]

At BITRI, Stephan is the Electron Microscope Scientist assisting different research groups with their high resolution imaging, EDDX. WDX and EBSD analysers. Stephan has a MPhil in Physics, BSc Hons. Applied sciences, NHD Metallurgical Engineering, NDP Electron Microscopy. Stephan has numerous papers in premier journals. He believes that “Microscopy relates to science as English relates […]

Dumisani’s research focus area is in energy efficiency and clean energy technologies. Previously, he worked for Debswana Mining Company as an Engineer in Training. His interests include using electronics to come up with designs that can help in using electricity/energy efficiently.

Segomotso Bagwasi’s area of interest is in eco-friendly environmental remediation technologies with more emphasis on photocatalytic degradation techniques. Currently working on filtration technologies (water and air) in BITRI. At PhD level she worked on cost effective methods of inducing visible light absorption in nanostructured TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide). This was achieved by doping and co-doping TiO2 […]

Nnyaladzi is an Earth and Environmental System Analyst interested in complex environmental science: the integration of biophysical, social, and information sciences to solve food security and environmental change problems. His research addresses global environmental change in local places–that is, how local communities and the places in which they live contribute to global environmental changes and […]

Professor Tsalaile leads a group of researchers developing technology solutions and next generation products for Health, Education, Agriculture, Communication Infrastructure, Transportation, Security & Forensics and Tourism & Culture clusters. Prof T. Tsalaile joined BITRI in 2014 after serving for a number of years at University of Botswana, where he rose from SDF position to the […]

At BITRI, Dr Ephraim Gower supervises and works with a group of researchers to design, develop, produce, commercialize, and manage stakeholders in the predominant area of Electronics and Communication division. He is currently the Lead Researcher of this division (from 2018), having held the position of Senior Researcher in ICT (now IST), and in the […]

As a Climate Change Researcher Penny undertakes applied research in order to advance knowledge and understanding of atmospheric processes to improve the understanding of Botswana’s climate. Her work includings development of methodologies to forecast the impacts of research for development, outcomes and impacts. A trained Meteorologist, Penny brings a wealth of experience to BITRI having […]

Kefentse Arnold Tumedi is in the diagnostics team of Natural Resources and Materials. He has worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for a local condom manufacturing plant called Latex Medical Products, then for the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC-Botswana as a Medical Research Scientist. He then worked for University of Pennsylvania, Perelman […]

Sinah is a practicing Climate Change Researcher. She conducts research on Climate Change risk knowledge, adaptation and mitigation with a view to inform development, policy and decision support tools for risk management at household and community levels. Over the last 6 years she has been involved in teaching at tertiary level. Her recent research include; […]

Kgomotsego Motlopi is a certified Environmental Assessment Practitioner and a practicing Climate Change Researcher. She conducts research on Climate Change risk knowledge, adaptation and mitigation with a view to inform development, policy and decision support tools for risk management at household and community levels. Over the last 13 years she has utilised participatory methods to […]

Bakang Modukanele is currently into water filtration research and water purification innovative designs to promote clean and drinkable water to communities having challenges in access to potable water. He is passionate in designing simple designs and industrial designs that can filter water at low voltage – energy consumption that promotes use of renewable energy. He […]

William Motswainyana is a researcher in Nanomaterials division and conducts research within Water Filtration Team, whose aim is to develop suitable materials for water treatment. Prior to joining BITRI, his research, predominantly as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (University of Fort Hare), involved biological investigations of novel organometallic scaffolds. He also possesses basic knowledge on solving […]

Mr Kelaotswe is a Mobile computing professional who holds a BSc Honours in Computing with specialism in Mobile Technology. Professional acumen includes Products Management and Business Development. Previous work experience include Products Management Officer with Mascom Wireless Botswana and Business Development Executive with The Voice Mobile Enterprises. 

Over the past six years, Dr Samuel Chigome’s research work focused primarily on electrospinning, initially with a focus on electrospun nanofiber based analytical device fabrication. Progressively, his application of electrospinning broadened to cover energy, health and the environment. Samuel has always been passionate about industrial processes and product development. Hence his keen interest in electrospun […]

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