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Reason Machete holds a DPhil in Applied Mathematics and an MSc in Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing, both from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Botswana. Prior to joining BITRI, he held academic positions at Botswana International University of Science and Technology and the University of Botswana and […]

Phatsimo Matshediso is a member of the Water filtration team that researches on filtration technologies intended to address the scarcity of potable water. The team intends on employing nanotechnology in its solutions. Phatsimo recently represented Botswana in the USA in a global programme of young female scientist who have contributed to the fraternity of science. […]

Ngonye Keroletswe is a Natural Product Chemist who graduated with a PhD in Chemistry at University of Botswana in 2015. Her previous research entailed isolation, characterization and screening isolates plus plant extracts for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities for potential therapeutic applications. She also carried out some synthetic work particularly on heterocyclic chemistry as well as […]

Neo Mokgolodi has a PhD in Botany, MSc (Environmental Science), PGDE (Biology teaching) and BSc (Biology and Environmental Science). Her previous research work integrated both indigenous knowledge and modern scientific knowledge to determine the suitability of rangelands for pastoral farming. Mokgolodi has also undertaken study on the ethno botanical value of Sclerocarya birrea, Ziziphus mucronata […]

Nakale Kelapile is a practicing Electronic Engineer and conducts research on Road safety of highways, Traffic control system and Seeding light for application of roads design and construction in Botswana by BITRI. Over the last 6 to 7 years during his academic’s,  he has carried out research on End to End OFDM system in terms of […]

Mothusi Mokgwa is a Civil Engineer with experience in infrastructural development (Design and Construction Supervision). He has adequate contact with a variety of building materials used in construction and has over time witnessed their success and failures both structural, functional and sometimes even in cost. It is from this background that Mothusi desires to continue […]

Lesego Cecilia Mmualefe’s areas of specialization are in chromatography and sample handling techniques. She has previously taught Analytical Chemistry at the University of Botswana; worked on the Bioboundary Project at the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust  sponsored by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to unravel the key chemical compounds employed by the African Wild dog […]

Kediemetse Mothibedi is an analytical chemist and she works as a junior researcher in the department of natural resources and materials. She is a member of the filtration team which focuses on research and innovation of filtration technologies for water and air purification employing nanotechnology. Previously Ms Kediemetse worked for Ministry of Agriculture under department […]

Karabo Hamu is a Computer Scientist who has interest in combining the field of computing with education and health. She has conducted research on transnational education in Botswana. She has done her thesis “Framework that Incorporates Cross Cultural Conflict Caused by Nonverbal Gestures” which was for tourists in Botswana. She has worked at Botho University […]

Kaone Bogopa is a full time Associate Researcher – Electronics and Communications at BITRI. He holds a Masters degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey in England, attained in July 2013. Previous institutions attended include University of Essex and University of Botswana for undergraduate studies. He has been a member of staff at UB […]

Kagiso Monageng is a materials engineer and researches on alternative building materials such as mine and industrial wastes. He has worked in construction as a floor tile restorer and also at Tati Nickel as a metallurgist in training.

Kabo Mosetlha is a Researcher in the BITRI Nanomaterials division where he currently explores the use of electrospun nanofibers for air filtration purposes. He is looking to take advantage of the high surface-to-volume ratio, high pore volume, low resistance and enhanced filtration performance of nanofibers to develop air filtration products such as face masks, surgical […]

Ipe Mavunkal’s expertise is in the area of synthetic organometallic chemistry.  His research spanned diverse areas of metal carbonyl compounds, boranes, carboranes, metallaboranes and dendrimers.  In addition to his experience as a researcher at various institutions including Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, University of […]

As an Associate Researcher in the Building Materials Science Division, Mr Basimolodi conducts needs-based research in the area of construction and building materials. Basimolodi holds a MEng in Chemical Engineering (Extractive Metallurgy) from the University Of Leeds, UK. Prior to joining BITRI he has briefly worked on an exploration project to evaluate the economic potential […]

Dr Fred Mampadi is a computer scientist with a strong background in programming, research and software development. He has MSc in Distributed Interactive Systems from Lancaster University and a PhD in Computer Science from Brunel University in the United Kingdom. He was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of […]

Esau Masuku is presently engaged in industry-driven investigation of the potential of hitherto untapped natural raw materials and industrial by-products/wastes, for exploitation as building materials and/or raw materials for the production of building materials and/or products. Development of technologies for re-cycling of building materials, identification of innovative uses for conventional building materials, modification of conventional […]

Edward Rakgati spent 16 years lecturing Energy related courses to both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Botswana. He also researched, published and consulted in Energy related areas. One of the major research projects done was to lead the design a 20 kW distributed grid connected solar PV for Mmokolodi village which is […]

Christopher Mpofu has a strong background in the fields of agriculture, biochemistry and analytical chemistry. His past research work involved pesticide residue analysis in biota and his research findings have been presented at international conferences in Southern and West Africa respectively. He and his co-authors have contributed to a book chapter entitled “Modern sample preparation […]

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